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Sailor Moon Club Newsletter #8 (copy)

--July 06, 2000

Dear Sailor Moon Fan,

   This is the 8th newsletter of the Jupiter's Thunder Dragon Sailor Moon Club!! Enjoy ^_^

   I apologize for the newsletter being so late. ^_^ This newsletter includes a mini quiz. It also has the old poll. I got a total of 70 votes for the old poll! The most yet in one of my polls! :)
   We also have so FanFic this time!! Thanks Sailor Snowball!

ATTENTION!!: If you plan to get rid of your e-mail address, or block mail please tell me. If I can't send you the newsletter, I will have to take you of the mailing list, until you contact me.

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Questions and/or Comments


What is your favorite Sailor Moon Song? (it can be English, Japanese, or whatever)

Rainy Day Man: 13
Power Of Love: 12
My Only Love: 9
Carry On: 5
Moon Revenge: 5
English Theme: 4
Ai No Senshi: 3
Moonlight Densetsu: 3
"Rashiku" Ikimasho: 2
Sailor Stars Song: 2
Oh Starry Night: 2
Call My Name: 1
It's a New Day: 1
I Want Someone to Love: 1
Only A Memory Away: 1
Overture Fantasy: 1
Route Venus: 1
Sailor Saturn's Theme: 1
Starlight's Transformation Theme: 1
Tuxedo Mirage: 1
Yume No Mita Wa: 1


What's your favorite Attack? (It can be English Version, or Japanese Version.)
Poll Response


Well, I'm sure you all know, but the new Sailor Moon S episodes have started on Cartoon Network.
The new company that's producing them, CWI (CloverWay International) and Optimum Productions are doing a pretty good job. So far no episodes have been cut out completely, only scenes. The biggest change has been making "Amara" and "Michelle" cousins. (in the original Haruka and Michiru were a couple).
The background music was kept. And in the episode "Mixed Emotions" they even kept the background sound in Japanese. Although the background song in "Birthday Blue part 2" was not kept in Japanese, it still kept the same melody as the original "Ai no Senshi" (Soldier of Love).
Another change that hasn't seemed to go over well in the SM world, is Sailor Mini Moon, although it doesn't have the ring of Sailor Chibi Moon, it could have been worse. Once, Mixx, referred to Sailor Chibi Moon as, Sailor Rini Moon in the English Manga. (if that's not a big identity give away, I don't know what is)
Other than some of the major changes CWI and Optimum have done a fairly good job

Sailor Moon Manga Vol. 7 has been released

Sailor Moon Supers Vol. 4 has been released

Both Manga vols. are available on amazon, but I don't suggest you get them from there, because right now (July 6) they are on special order, w/ a delivery of about 4-6 weeks, not to mention the high price. Vol. 7 is 9.95, and vol. 4 is $19.95! (can you believe that, almost twenty dollars!)
Barnes and Noble ( is selling them at a much lower price, w/ a 1-2 week delivery, and the publisher's store, tokyopop ( is selling them at retail price, with normal delivery.

Jupiter's Thunder Dragon

The New quiz is up, it is once again a "self-correct" quiz, you can still get an award!

The New Poll is up.

I have added some new profiles, and redid some old ones.

Here is a mini quiz. The winners will be posted in the next issue. If you don't want to be posted with a score lower than a certain number please tell me.

1) What is Chibi-Usa's (Rini's) attack in the Sailor Moon S season?
2) What are Makoto's (Lita's) earrings? (the shape, or thing)
3) What color is Kaolinite's (Kaori Knights') dress at the beginning of Sailor Moon S?
4) What is Motoki's (Andrew's) sisters name? (Japanese or either English ones)

Send you answers to me at:

Ok, I know some of you already saw this one, but I decided to put both the Japanese "Ai No Senshi" and the English version of it. (Note on the English version, its as close as I could get, some parts were hard to hear.)

"Ai no Senshi" (Soldier Of Love)
(words between ( ) are English Translation)

"Ai No Senshi"
("Soldier Of Love")

Kami ga sora ni moeagaru
(Into the sky my hair bursts into fire)
Karada ga honoo no you yo
(My body feels just like a flame)

Ya da wa nande kou naru no
(Oh no, why is it turning out like this)
Honto ni mou okotchau kara
(Now I am really burning up inside)

Koi wo shite setsunai mama
(As it is, We love and are apart)
Amai yume wo mitetai no ni
(Even though I want to have sweet dreams)
Yurusenai aitsura no sei yo!
(They will not allow it, this is their fault!)

Yappari watashi yarukkyanai ne
(I know that it is I who has to do this)
Tatakitsubushite yaru wa kono te de aku wo
(By myself I will destroy the evil)
Sou yo sore made ganbaranakutcha
(That's right, Until then I wont give up)
Mezamenasai aoi senshi yo
(Awaken now, soldier of blue)

Donna warui hito datte
(It doesn't matter if your bad)
Suki nara shinjite miru no
(If I love you, I believe in you)

Sore wo riyou suru nante
(Taking advantage of that)
Sonna no yatcha ikenai no yo
(You must not do)

Itsu datte mamoritai no
(I always want to protect you)
Anata no tame tonde yuku wa
(I will fly to your side)
Ai dake ga kagirinai enajii
(Love is unlimited energy)

Nee watashitachi yarukkyanai ne
(We have to do what we must)
Onna no ko no junjou misete yaru no yo
(We will show them the pureness of a girl's heart)
Nani ga nan de mo ganbaranakucha
(Whatever it is, I will not give up)
Mune ni chikau ai no senshi yo
(Vowing in our hearts, soldiers of love)

Nee watashitachi yarukkyanai ne
(I know the we have to do this)
Tatakitsubushite yaru wa kono te de aku wo
(By ourselves we will destroy this evil)
Sou yo sore made ganbaranakutcha
(That's right, until then I wont give up)
Mezamenasai ai no senshi yo
(Awaken now, Soldiers Of Love)

"Untitled" (Eng. version of Ai No Senshi)

Oh, the night its so dark and filled with fear
All alone and my love no where near
All alone, this is just a frightful dream
But I know we must destroy their evil scheme

In my heart I know I must forget our squall
But without love we can defeat them all
We will save the world
and we will not undo, right now!

Now I know what we must do,
Before they tear out hearts in two
We must fight for the love that we found
I can see what to do

Now I know what we must do,
Before they tear our hearts in two
Sailors unite!
The battle is underway

Now I know what we must do
Before they tear our hearts in two
We have to fight for the love that we found
I can see what to do

Now we know what we must do
Before they tear this thing in two
We have to fight
Because there is no other way

Charlotte's Sailor Moon Page
Starlight Pops - A Shrine to the Three Lights

Calling of the Dark Messiah


This FanFic was donated by: Sailor Snowball (Emily)
Total: 3 parts

Part One
Delia (the leader of the Winter Senshi) is walking through a park when she sees a beautiful girl sitting on a bench. Delia walks up to the girl and asks for her name. The beautiful girl answers, "My name is Emily." Delia thought to herself, "Could this be her? No impossible! They said she had blue hair and she has the hair color of lilac. But, maybe when she transforms…no I should not bother her. She'll think I'm crazy." Maybe I should look at the ancient scroll to find out:
Sailor Snowball Protector Of The Universe

To find this mysterious senshi don't look in hill, valley or cave.
You will find her at a place where the children laugh and sing and play
She has a head of blue
And will be easy to spot


Well, that's all! I hope you liked the newsletter. If anyone has any Fanfic, poems, stories, clubs, or websites, they would like to send me to put in the newsletter, please do!! (Sailor Moon related stuff only please). Don't forget the new quiz is now up, and please vote in the poll!! ^_^

If anyone would like to receive the Sailor Moon pictures I send out every month, please E-mail me. If you have AOL they are sent imbedded into the E-mail, and if you don't they are sent as attachments. ^_^


Information for this newsletter was taken from the Sailor Moon English and Japanese episodes, and the English and Japanese Manga. Also from "The Sailor Moon Role-playing Game and Resource Book",
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon ( web site, Translations by Alex Glover (his site: The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko [] ), The Complete Sailor Moon CD List [] and many other Sailor Moon sites. For a complete listing of sites, go here []


Sailor Jupiter

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