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Sailor Moon Club Newsletter #4 (copy)

--January 22, 2000

Dear Sailor Moon Fan,
This is the 4th newsletter of the Jupiter's Thunder Dragon Sailor Moon Club. Enjoy!! ^_^

ATTENTION!!: If you are going to get rid of your e-mail address Please tell me!!
I need to know! It seems that many club members who have aol decide to get rid of their e-mail address, and then it makes it take longer for me to mail the newsletter, because I have to redo the members list!

Poll Results: Who is the worst bad guy (or girl) from Sailor Moon? (it can be from any Sailor Moon series)

Galaxia: 11
Queen Beryl: 5
Wiseman: 5
Doom Phantom: 3
Chaos: 2
Aluminum Siren: 1
Ann: 1
Emerald: 1
Fiore: 1
Metilla: 1
Misstress 9: 1
Sailor Tin Cat: 1
Wicked Lady: 1

New Poll: Which of the Four Generals is your favorite?
1) Jedite/Jadeite
2) Nephlite/ Nephrite
3) Zoycite/ Zoisite
4) Malachite/ Kunzite


Sailor Moon Super S Manga Volume 3, release postponed until end of January.
Sailor Moon R The Movie in English, to be released Feb. 8, 2000
Sailor Moon Manga Vol. 6 to be released Feb. 1, 2000

There's not too much going on but...
SOS reported that DiC lost the rights to Sailor Moon
I have heard that the TV station WPIX has dropped showing Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon R the movie in English, will be released soon. You can see a clip of the English version at 2000 New York International Children's Film Festival site, click here: For a direct Link .
Saban Moon~ There has been a lot of talk about Saban Moon going around lately, so I'll explain it as best as I can from what I have read and saw. Basically, before DiC got the rights to Sailor Moon, Saban (the company that produced Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) wanted to produce Sailor Moon. They made a 2 minute intro-song trailer. Somehow it has found it's way onto the web. It's a mixture of live action and American drawn cartoons. It contains none of the original artwork, and apparently Saban was planing on changing the whole story line. It has been named Saban Moon by people on the web. To see the Saban Moon trailer go here: or here: Tuxedo Mask dot Com .

Contest winners:
I just couldn't decide!! All the entries were so good!! (I'm not trying to get out of deciding, they all were so good) So, you all win!! ^_^ If you entered the contest please E-mail me and tell me if I have your permission to post your entry along with the others in a follow up newsletter. Thanks. ^_^


"Ai No Senshi"
("Soldier Of Love")

Kami ga sora ni moeagaru
(Into the sky my hair bursts into fire)
Karada ga honoo no you yo
(My body feels just like a flame)

Ya da wa nande kou naru no
(Oh no, why is it turning out like this)
Honto ni mou okotchau kara
(Now I am really burning up inside)

Koi wo shite setsunai mama
(As it is, We love and are apart)
Amai yume wo mitetai no ni
(Even though I want to have sweet dreams)
Yurusenai aitsura no sei yo!
(They will not allow it, this is their fault!)

Yappari watashi yarukkyanai ne
(I know that it is I who has to so this)
Tatakitsubushite yaru wa kono te de aku wo
(By myself I will destroy the evil)
Sou yo sore made ganbaranakutcha
(That's right, Until then I wont give up)
Mezamenasai aoi senshi yo
(Awaken now, soldier of blue)

Donna warui hito datte
(It doesn't matter if your bad)
Suki nara shinjite miru no
(If I love you, I believe in you)

Sore wo riyou suru nante
(Taking advantage of that)
Sonna no yatcha ikenai no yo
(You must not do)

Itsu datte mamoritai no
(I always want to protect you)
Anata no tame tonde yuku wa
(I will fly to your side)
Ai dake ga kagirinai enajii
(Love is unlimited energy)

Nee watashitachi yarukkyanai ne
(We have to do what we must)
Onna no ko no junjou misete yaru no yo
(We will show them the pureness of a girl's heart)
Nani ga nan de mo ganbaranakucha
(Whatever it is, I will not give up)
Mune ni chikau ai no senshi yo
(Vowing in our hearts, soldiers of love)

Nee watashitachi yarukkyanai ne
(I know the we have to do this)
Tatakitsubushite yaru wa kono te de aku wo
(By ourselves we will destroy this evil)
Sou yo sore made ganbaranakutcha
(That's right, until then I wont give up)
Mezamenasai ai no senshi yo
(Awaken now, Soldiers Of Love)

Clubs: I now have a "sister" club. It's called "The Sailor Moon RPG Newsletter" and is run by: SailorMercuryNLR. If you would like to join her club, or get more info. on it please feel free to e-mail her at:

Website OF The Week: The Sailor Moon Rainbow Crystal Summary Page

Website Of The Month: Sailor-V Headquarters & Code Name: Sailor V!

Well, that's all! I hope you liked the newsletter. If anyone has any fanfic, poems, storys, clubs, or websites, they would like to send me to put in the newsletter, please do!! (Sailor Moon related stuff only please). Don't forget the new quizzes are now up, and please vote in the poll!! ^_^

Sailor Jupiter

Jupiter's Thunder Dragon

--January 29, 2000

I hope everyone enjoyed the last newsletter. As I promised here is the follow up newsletter, with the contest entries. The contest was to make a new Sailor Senshi and a profile for them. Everyone that entered gave me permission to post their entry, except two people who have gotten rid of their e-mail address so I can't contact them. So anyway here they are, exactly as I received them, and in the order I received them ^_^ :

Entry 1:

No conformation received

Entry 2:

No conformation received

Entry 3:

From Rhapsody,

senshi name: prince neo
person name: jason
hair color: black
eye color: black
transformation line: neo crystal power
power element: love
powers: rolling heart vibration slender beam smash
blood type: A
age: 16-18
birthday: jan 4
sign: capricorn
birthstone: garnet
favorite color: white
favorite food: rice
least favorite food: any thing that comes from the sea
strong points: girls
fears: sea water
dream: video game designer
favorite animal: tiger
worst subject: math

Entry 4:

From Jennifer,

Solider Name:Metallic Sailor Gemini
Real Name:Theo Nel
Hobbies:Ice Skating, Playing her violin
Birthday:January 27,1982
Transformation: Normal:Metallic Gemini Power Make UP! Super: Metallic Gemini
Crystal Power Make UP! Eternal: Metallic Gemini Eternal Crisis Power Make
Fuki Description:Metallic Black Shirt, knee-high boots, jewels, star choker,
and golden tiara
Blood Type:A
Favorite Subject:Math
Least Favorite Subject:Health
Bad habit:Confessing that she was wrong
Strong point:Flirting, playing her violin
Sailor Neptune/Sailor Uranus

Entry 5:

From TEB,

Solider Name: Sailor Star
Real Name: Anna
Hair: Dirty Blond/Shoulder length/Bangs/Star Barrettes
Eye Color: Violet with Blue Specks
Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
Hobbies: Softball, Singing, and Tap Dancing
Birthday: November 16th, 1980
Astrology Sign: Scorpio
Blood Type:A
Favorite Color: Jungle Green + Midnight Blue
Favorite Subject: Chorus
Least Favorite Subject: History
Favorite Food: Cheese Burgers + Sugar Stars
Least Favorite Food: White Chocolate
Favorite Gem Stone: Emerald
Favorite Animal: Puppies
Strong Points: Making Friends, Strong Leader
Bad Habits: Being a Flake, Stalking Boys
Dream: To Become Famous
Fears: Drowning
Transformation Words: "Sailor Stars...TRANSFORM!"
Attacks:Shooting Stars Arrows, Blazing Star Laser, Sun Star Blast



I have added another page to: Jupiter's Thunder Dragon .
It is called the Fun Stuff To Do page, and includes the quizzes, poll, club, and awards, and I have also added a contest, voting, and chat rooms.

The links page has been updated a lot, and it is now in alphabetical order with more links.

The main page has been made a little smaller, to help it load faster.

If you haven't already noticed Sailor Moon Supers manga Vol. 3, release has been once again delayed. Sailor Moon R: The Promise Of The Rose, will be coming out soon, on February 8.

Please don't forget to vote in the poll, and do the quiz. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me at: I'm, always looking for new ideas.

Thanks, ^_^

Sailor Jupiter

Jupiter's Thunder Dragon