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Sailor Moon Club Newsletter #12 (copy)

--May 30, 2001

Dear Sailor Moon Fan,

   This is the 12th newsletter of the Jupiter's Thunder Dragon Sailor Moon Club!! Enjoy ^_^

   I know, once again I have taken forever to send out the newsletter, but what can I say, I have a very short attention span. ^_^ Anyway, I hope you enjoy the newsletter, if you have and questions and/or comments then feel free to e-mail me.
   Don't forget, if I can't send you this newsletter then I will assume that you no longer wish to receive it (although I would prefer a nice letter telling me so) and will delete you from the list, until you contact me. (really, I don't bite, so don't be scared of e-mailing me, even if it's to tell me you want out of the club).

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Old Poll:
Which of the three movies is your favorite (R Movie, S Movie, or Super S Movie)?
Total Votes: 182
Winner: SuperS Movie

R Movie: 50
S Movie: 37
Super S Movie: 95

New Poll
Which of the "Outer" Senshi (Sailor Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, & Saturn) is your favorite?

Poll Response


Sailor Moon Related:
English Manga "Sailor Moon StarS Vol. 2" will be released June 01, 2001.
English Manga "Sailor Moon StarS Vol. 3" will be released October 31, 2001.
English Manga "Sailor Moon Vol. 9" is currently available.
"Sailor Moon S - Heart Collection II: TV Series, Vols. 3 & 4" DVD is currently available.
"Sailor Moon S - Heart Collection III: TV Series, Vols. 5 & 6" DVD will be released June 12, 2001.
"Sailor Moon S - Birthday Blues" VHS is currently Available

The Cartoon Network is no longer showing "Sailor Moon" during its "Toonami" block, and is not currently showing it during any other time period.

Other Anime:
English Manga "Card Captor Sakura Vol. 3" is currently available
Subtitled DVD "Cardcaptor Sakura Vol. 3 - Friends Forever" is currently available
English Manga "Dragon Ball Z Vol. 5" will be available in August 2001
Video & DVD "DBZ World Tournament-Junior Division" will be available June 12, 2001

Jupiter's Thunder Dragon

The poll, monthly picks, etc. have been updated. The adoption page and other sections have also been updated. See the "updates" page for more information.

New Mini QUIZ:
1) What color hair does Sailor Uranus have?
2) What is Neptune's talisman?
3) Who is Saturn's Father?
4) What does Chibi-usa/Rini take from Sailor Pluto (and use to travel through time)?

Send you answers to me at:

Old Mini Quiz Results:
1) What instruments did the "3 o'clock fairies" play, in the SuperS movie? Flutes
2) Who taught Ami to press cookies with a glass (from SuperS movie)? Her mother
3) What animal does Elios/Helios turn into? A Pegasus (unicorn)
4) What color hair does Kunzite/Malachite have? White w/ blue highlights

Ryoko 100% ------------- Sailormoon 100%
Tweety 75% ------------- Glittergrl 100%
Sailor Aries 100% ------------- LunaStar 75%
VoteSmokey 100% ------------- HillyMer. 100%
LittlePika 100% ------------- AHill 100%
Y2jsgil 100% ------------- Rini2slrmini 100%
K423 100% ------------- AnimeChick 100%
KAC 100% ------------- NQSerenity 100%
Nephrenia 100% ------------- ShootingStarz 75%
Scarshley 50% ------------- Stormr 100%
Lightfam 100% ------------- princessprism 100%
lildare 100% ------------- beautifuldreamer 100%
Denacat 100% ------------- Shaela 100%
Miniwriter 100% ------------- trokon 100%

Since the song lyrics were getting rather boring, and I still can't find my note book ^_^; I will try something new in this section. If you have any webtips or questions that you would like to send in, please do!

Web Tips:
* Right Clicking:
-To open a link in a new window right click and select "Open in New Window"
-To save an image right click on it and select "save as"
-To refresh a page or 1 frame window right click and select "refresh"
-To view the HTML code of a page right click and select "View Source"
* By passing Anti-Right Click codes
-- This is only meant to show only how useless the codes are.
-Right click and hold down the button, when the message pops-up hit the "enter" button
- Turn off your JavaScript
- Go to "View" then "Source" or "Page Source"
- Highlight what you want and type "Ctrl" and "c" to copy it.
- Use the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard to take a 'snapshot' of your monitor, and then paste the picture in a program.
- Drag the image/information into an e-mail or other program
-- These are only some of the ways to get around Anti-right click scripts. I suggest following the wishes of a webmaster if they ask that you don't take things from their page. However I find all Anti-right click scripts more annoying then useful.

Bunny's Tour Through the Silver Millennium

Miss Makoto's Kingdom - grep SailorMoon*
Moonie Land

Ryoko152 has generously donated her poems for use in the newsletter. ^_^ (Thanks!)
Here is the second one (the first one appeared in the last newsletter):

Makoto Kino

Sweet Makoto
Knowledge of wood
Martial Arts of thee
Shall have company
In my fears
Or in my years
Of pain
It was Ken,
Who gave me life
And if he ever loved me
I'd love him back
When I see the man I want
I always say
"He looks just like my old boyfriend!"
But that man, who crushed my dreams
Will pay, ya know why?
Because I'm SuperSailorJupiter!

Final Messages:
To all those who belong to the pictures newsletter, I haven't forgotten you! I hope to send out the images this month, but I might not have enough time.

Well, that's all! I hope you liked the newsletter. If anyone has any Fanfic, poems, stories, clubs, or websites, they would like to send me to put in the newsletter, please do!! (Sailor Moon related stuff only please). Don't forget the new quiz is now up, and please vote in the poll!! ^_^

If anyone would like to receive the Sailor Moon pictures I send out every month, please E-mail me. If you have AOL they are sent imbedded into the E-mail, and if you don't they are sent as attachments. ^_^


Information for this newsletter was taken from the Sailor Moon English and Japanese episodes, and the English and Japanese Manga. Also from "The Sailor Moon Role-playing Game and Resource Book",
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
( web site, Translations by Alex Glover (his site: The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko [] ), The Complete Sailor Moon CD List [] , VKLL Fansubbs, and many other Sailor Moon sites. For a complete listing of sites, go here []

Sailor Jupiter

Jupiter's Thunder Dragon

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