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A site with information about the mythological origins and stories in numerous anime series, including Sailormoon.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
One of the oldest and most detailed Sailormoon sites - covers all the esential information from character profiles, to episode summaries, to items guides.

Bunny's Tour Through the Silver Millennium
A very detailed and dedicated site that provides information on the manga, anime, and dub along with lots of extras to keep visitors busy.

Castle in the Sky
This site provides an illustrated episode guide to the Japanese R and S series.

DIES GAUDII -- "Day of Joy"
This site includes well researched articles on the origins and correct spellings of the names of Sailormoon characters.

Eternal Dreamland
A site with profiles, MIDIs, and multimedia.
A site with a large amount of multimedia, including illustrated episode summaries of BSSM and PGSM, galliers, and music videos.

The Genvid Project
The top source for PGSM news and translations, it also contains numerous, and often humerous, updates, articles, and opinions. Also a great forum for fans to talk.
A site collective that includes site dedicated to characters from the SeraMyu and various fanlistings.

Heidi's Sailor Moon Shrine
A gallery, information, MIDIs, and various other fan items.

Ken Arromdee's FAQ
A large Sailormoon FAQ that ranges from the basic questions to a documentation of the history of Sailormoon.

Meatball Head Moon Page
Articles, information, lyrics, episode guide, etc.

Mistic's Sailormoon
Shrine to Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask along with multimedia.
A site that is an online posting for updates in the Sailormoon community.

Information, graphics, contests, games, and images.
Tons of detailed information, media, games, and activities.
Information, interviews, graphics, games, media, and other activities.
Lots of graphics and galleries, humor, webcomics, and other interesting tidbits.

Neo Nobility
Lots of detailed information and multimedia including clips and images displayed on a lovely layout.

Neo Queen Serenity's Palace
Lyrics, summeries, character information, and multimedia.

Nyanko's Sailor Moon
Episode guide, profiles, facts, dub information, and fan activities.

The Oracle
One of the most detailed and comprehensive sites. It includes information on almost everything you could want along with pictures and media.

Sailor Moonatic
A site that includes downloads, skins, wallpapers, articles, and news.

Sailor Moon Dream

Sailor Moon Experience
Information about characters, summaries, opinions, and multimedia.

The Sailor Senshi Page
A great site filled with information on all the various versions of Sailormoon, video clips, galleries, opinions, reviews, etc.

Sailor Silver's SM Page
Images and information mostly on the dub
Contains a Sailormoon site with interesting and unique information

Serena's Moon Palace
Information, images, coloring book, activities, all presented on a beautiful layout.

Serena's Rabbit Hole
Games, galliers, fan creations, and fun activities

Sheer Lunacy
Timeline, jokes, articles, and other various unique and interesting topics.

The Senshi Palace Information and images, mostly on the dub. Many manga images.

Silver Millennium's Moon Kingdom
Images, animations, information, etc.

The Star Seed Garden
Profiles for all the Sailor Soldiers, even some of the lesser known ones.

Tomb of the Little Known Senshi
A site known for its wealth of information on the lesser known Sailor Senshi.

Tuxedo Mask dot Com
Series information, Japanese lessons, media, etc

Usagi's Diary
Nice scans, images, multimedia, music, information, etc.

Wishing Moon
Lots of multimedia, including images, scans, etc. Also games and fan creations.