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News Archives: Before July 2000

Note: All News Articles on this page were not dated, however estimated dates are given in brackets [ ].

Sailor Moon S: Hearts In Ice, the movie
[May 2000]

Sailor Moon S, the English movie, was released on May 23, 2000. In this movie the deadly Snow Princess Kaguya is attacking the Earth. She plans on freezing the planet over, and destroying all of its life. Her plans are slowed when the astronomer, Kakeru discovers one of Kaguya's crystals that fell to the planet. Kakeru then becomes Snow Princess Kaguya's next target. But that's not all, Luna has developed a crush on the astronomer, and Artemis becomes jealous. Sailor Moon must find a way to save the planet, rescue Kakeru, and bring Luna and Artemis back together.

New Episodes to be Dubbed!!!
[Late March, Early April 2000]

New episodes of Sailor Moon are expected to be dubbed. It is reported that a total of 77 episodes, from the Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S series are being dubbed into English. To find out more about this check out these sites:

Optimum Productions
Castle in the Sky
VKLL Fansubber

New Time Slot for Sailor Moon!!!
[March 2000]

Sailor Moon now has a new time slot on the Cartoon Network. The times are as follows:

Eastern Time: Mondays-Friday: 3:30 PM
Central Time: Mondays-Fridays: 2:30 PM
Mountain Time: Mondays-Fridays: 4:30 PM
Pacific Time: Mondays-Fridays: 3:30 PM
Alaska Time: Mondays-Fridays: 2:30 PM
Hawaii Time: Mondays-Fridays: 1:30 PM

At this point in time these are the times Sailor Moon is to be shown. Previously it as shown at a different time on Mondays, but it has apparently changed, so now Sailor Moon is shown at the same time Monday-Friday. I suggest you check your local listings for time changes.
According to the Cartoon Network/Toonami website (found under Community, FAQ, FAQ #5, in Toonami's website, Click Here to view ) from the question "Does Toonami plan on showing new Sailor Moon Episodes?" it says that they hope to show every available Sailor Moon episode on Toonami, which leads me to believe that Sailor Moon will return to Toonami.
With the new time slot it makes it more difficult to see (since most people aren't home yet), and also makes it difficult to get more viewers, especially the audience that the English version is geared to, young elementary school aged children, most of whom do not get home until later. On the bright side Cartoon Network is showing the theme song before the show, which it hadn't done before.

Sailor Moon Supers Volume 3
[End of Jan. Beginning of February 2000]

Has been released.
Chapter Titles

Ch. 1: Confusion
Ch. 2: Secret Manueuvers
Ch. 3: Black Lady

In this volume, that takes place when the Black Moon Family arrives on Earth, Sailor Moon is kidnapped by Diamond. Can she escape? If that isn't bad enough Rini [Chibi-Usa] is transformed into Black Lady. To find out if Sailor Moon escapes, and to find out more about the mysterious Sailor Pluto, read this exciting volume of Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon R: The Promise of the Rose
[February 2000]

Sailor Moon R the movie was released in English on February 8, 2000. is selling the VHS for $13.99. Check out Pioneer's website for more information: Pioneer Animation. In this movie an alien name Fiore comes down from space, to bring Mamoru (Darien) a flower. Fiore becomes jealous of Sailor Moon, and tries to destroy the Earth, by sending a meteor flying at it. He captures the Sailor Senshi and Sailor Moon. The only way Sailor Moon can save the Earth and the Sailor Senshi is to use the Imperium Silver Crystal, but if she does she will die. What happens to Sailor Moon, and does she save the Earth in time? To find out you'll have to get the movie! ^_^
The English dubbed version left in more then DiC did with the episodes but they continued calling the Senshi, Scouts, they replaced "Moon Revenge" with "The Power Of Love", and you miss seeing the begining of the movie were the Senshi and Chibi-Usa (Rini) are taking the bus. They did put in a new opening Music Video using "the Sailor Moon Theme Song" but with clips from the R movie, the S movie and the Super S movie.
Running Time: 60 Minutes

Sailor Moon Volume 5
[December 1999]

Released shortly before November 30, 1999.

Chapter titles

[Act 17] - Black Moon Avery Vs. Sailor Venus
[Act 18] - Sailor Pluto
[Act 19] - King Endymion
Rini's Picture Diary (Side story)

In this manga volume Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Rini, and Tuxedo Mask Travel into future Crystal Tokyo. Tuxedo Mask first uses his attack the "Tuxedo the Smoking Bomber!!" (Tuxedo la Smoking Bomba). This is an exciting volume leaving off at a cliff hanger. There is also the side story Rini's Picture Diary, when she first goes to school and meets Peaches (Momo-chan)her school friend. [note in the beginning of the English vol. they call Rini's friend Momo, and later they call her Peaches. Also in this vol. Rini dreams of being a sailor soldier named Sailor Rini Moon, but we all know it's really Sailor Chibi Moon right?! ^_^] A girl at Rini's school is acting weird and kids are disappearing. Can Rini find out what's wrong? You'll have to read the book!!!
You can buy this book at the following places [they are both reliable ^_^] and Moon Kingdom Products

"The Magic Tears Of Pokemon!"
[November 11~12 1999]

"Pokemon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back" and the short preview film "Pikachu's Vacation" is now in theaters. It opened November 10, 1999 (Wednesday)in most theaters. If you got your tickets soon enough you could get one of the four special cards they were giving away.
I saw the movie on Nov. 11, 1999 (Thursday). I thought it was a great movie. Some of the new characters you get to see are, Marill (sometimes called Pikablu) which is a small mouse like creature that's blue and does water attacks, and a small pink creature whose name was Snubble, you also get to see Mewtwo and Mew. The film "Pikachu's Vacation" is about when pikachu, the rest of Ash's Pokemon, Misty's Pokemon, and Brock's Pokemon go to a Pokemon resort/themepark for a very short vacation. When they arrive all the Pokemon go off to do their own thing, leaving Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Psyduck, and Squirle to care for a very hungrey Togepi. They each take turns trying to make him stop crying, including Balbasuar singing a lulaby and the pokemon getting an aple down from a tree (which Psyduck eats before they can give it to Togepi).
After awhile a group of Pokemon come along (Raichu, Cubone, Marill, and Snubble). The two groups start arguing and end up competing in contests until Pika and Raichu get charazard mad, and believe me that wasn't a good thing to do. It goes on until It's time for the Pokemon to leave (I'm not going to give the whole thing away!)
Now for the main feature! The begining explains how Mewtwo came to be. Mewtwo is really angray that he is a clone of Mew, just his shadow, and an experiment. In revenge he uses his advanced psychic skills to destroy the lab. Before the lab is completely destroyed, a scientist says "We wanted to create the world's strongest Pokemon,... and we did".
Ash Misty and Brock are invited to New Island to compete against the world's greatest trainer. The trainer has gone down the wrong path and is evil. He clones pokemon in preporation to take over the earth. The reason he has invited Ash, and other trainers is he wants to clone their Pokemon. He than succeeds in capturing Pikachu and the other Pokemon. (To find out what happens you have to go see the movie!)
Some quotes from the movie: Meowth~ "If people start looking at what's the same instead of what's different... well I don't know" Scientist~ "We wanted to create the world's strongest Pokemon,... and we did." Mewtwo~ "It doesn't matter where you where born from it's what's inside you that counts" (something like that) ^_^

Pokemon: The First Movie Soundtrack
[November 1999]

Pokemon The First Movie Sound Track was released November 9, 1999.

For AOL people only: You can hear clips of the CD here.
(I don't think it works for non-AOL people, if it does please tell me at

The songs on it are:

1)"Pokemon Theme" By: Billy Crawford
2)"Don't Say You Love Me" By: M2M
3)"It Was You" By: Ashley Ballard with So Plush
4)"We're A Miracle" By:Christina Aguilera
5)"Soda Pop" By:Britney Spears
6)"Somewhere Someday" By:*NSYNC
7)"Get Happy" By:B*Witched
8)"(Hey You) Free Up Your Mind" By:Emma Bunton p/k/a Baby Spice
9)"Fly With Me" By: 98º
10)"Lullaby" By: Mandah
11)"Vacation" By:Vitamin C
12)"Makin' My Way (Any Way That I Can)" By:Billie
13)"Catch Me If You Can" By:Angela Vía
14)"(Have Some) Fun With The Funk" By:Aaron Carter
15)"If Only Tears Could Bring You Back" By:Midnight Sons
16)"Brother My Brother" By:Blessid Union Of Souls